Krupa Art Foundation’s main seat is located in Wrocław at Rynek 27/28, in the tenement of the former Dresdener Bank and the Golden Chalice department store.

The gallery occupies three floors with several exhibition spaces, a café, a space for children and a shop.

In the basement, alongside an exhibition room, there are two spaces dedicated to experimental projects: KAF Project Space and KAF Digital.

KAF Project Space is put at the disposal of young artists and art collectives. It is a space dedicated to alternative projects and artistic experiments, which offers the freedom to try out various exhibition formats and freely transform the room.

KAF Digital is a space dedicated to digital and performance projects. At the core of its programme are immersive video projections that engage all the senses and deepen the artistic experience. KAF Digital is also an innovative art education programme which teaches about artists, works and ideas using the contemporary language of multimedia. It is also a space for meetings and discussions in the gallery.

On the first floor of the gallery, in addition to the exhibition space, KAF visitors will find a café and a shop with a selection of the most interesting art publications, design and artistic gadgets. There is also a space for our youngest guests, accompanied by an educational programme.

The creation of a place in Wrocław’s Market Square that is entirely dedicated to art begins a new chapter in the history of the tenement house and adds new value to the area, enriching the city’s cultural life and providing visitors with an unusual experience.